The science of Design.
Diagnose - Prescribe - Create.

Whether you are looking to take your business to the next level or just came up with a brand new idea, our Core Strategy Workshop will help refine your next steps, find the right tone of voice, clearly define your goals and structure revenue models.

Once this is done, we will then be ready to shape your brand and cover all the design elements needed to take you and your idea to the market!
The essence, soul and X-Factor of your brand, and what it means to the target market. Creating the right perception to the existing market and competitors whilst establishing the connection between your brand and its users.
A user persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. The characteristics of the persona will serve as basic guidelines to identify and develop exactly what your customers will seek from your brand and product. 
We want to make sure that your brand will be experienced in the way you envisioned it. We design permanent as well as temporary event branding solutions by collaborating with the best players in the industry to ensure that your brand will stand out and connect with your audience.
The core of your brand, the inner and outer image of your company. Using imagery, language and key actions, your brand’s personality will be revealed to the world. In essence these are the traits that underlie your product in the minds of your customers.
Identify and organise your goals, focus on the development of the revenue models, create a plan to maximise the brand awareness and decide which actions will take us closer to reaching our goals.
Whether it’s descriptive, abbreviated, fictional or experiential, we will work together to create the perfect name for your brand. A name that will talk to your target market but also stay true to the brand values highlighted in the Core Strategy Workshop.
We now have a logo. Nice, what’s next? We need to expand your brand communication and create all printed applications you may need. Stationery, literature, advertisement material, reports, MS templates, brochures, you name it.
Brands are not just to be used, they are lived. Together with the digital experience, your brand must resonate in the physical world as well. We create solutions that can bring your brand to life and exist around you and your customers.
It’s hard to stand out in today’s over crowded shelves. As the right packaging can make or break a product, we focus on delivering your story, and communicate your brand while making your product look uber cool!
Commonly referred to as “Brand book”, “Style Guides” or “Brand Standards”, these guidelines are the Bible of your Brand. It includes all the elements and standards rules for keeping your brand consistent and easily recognisable. Typically the Brand Book will cover sections such as: History, Brand Core Message, Logo Usage, Colours, Typography, Photography, Stationery, Merchandise, Digital applications and Sub-brands.
The cool and fun stuff, here is where your brand comes to life and connects with your customers. We create apparel, giveaways and offer any other merchandise application you may need to expand your physical brand presence.
Whether you are raising your next round of funding, pitching for a new contract or presenting your brand, we have you covered. We can help you structure and create the best presentation based on your needs and in the format of your choice.
You can’t score if you don’t know where the goal is.
- Chris Do -


Our Core Strategy Workshop has been developed to close the gap between Business Needs, Strategy and Design. We face it Just like any other problem: by diagnosing, prescribing and finally developing the solution.The Core Strategy Workshop allows us to highlight key components in your brand: Brand Attributes, Customers Profiles, Goals Prioritisation, Revenue models and Awareness Plans.

strategy and brand design


The branding process is never straightforward. Through the years we developed our very own bulletproof brand design process and apply it to all our design projects.

Branding is very personal and we make sure every brand has the deserved respect and time to develop.

Strategy Implementation
Research & Discovery
Concepts Development
Artwork & Delivery
Maintaining & Evolving
Your brand is what people say about you when 
you’re not in the room.
- Jeff Bezos -

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